Lost Reality Studios specializes in Interactive Ad campaigns and has a portfolio of LRS's own websites in which an advertiser or company wishing to market their products can take advantage of. Some of the companies Lost Reality Studios, Inc. has incubated:


Previously Built but sold:
www.jokes.com Acquired by Comedy Central / Viacom
www.jobs.com Acquired by Monster.com

LRS can serve a variety of advertising content over the web from banner ads, Interstitials, text ads, to Rich Media. LRS maintains it's own DoubleClick Ad Server in house which provides for sophisticated ad delivery and targeting as well as real time reporting for the web advertiser.

AdServer 6.0 gives advertisers key insights into their ad performance. Advertisers receive reports that answer crucial questions about their ad buys -- e.g., "How effective is each ad creative?" "Who saw my ads?" "What was the average frequency and effective reach?"

To support more thorough analysis, AdServer delivers compelling pie and bar charts to clearly highlight trends and exceptions.

AdServer forecasting uses historical data to project traffic growth on your site. Being able to predict future traffic patterns allows you to better manage your site's inventory.

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